Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Shark Tooth Island

First what you do is go into the Shark Museum and look at the part of the journal
that is there. Remeber what is in that journal. It will come in handy later. Then
what you do is go to the ancient ruins and push the big boulder close to the trunk
of the tree. Then you get on top of the boulder and jump onto the vine. BEWARE of
the falling coconuts then get on top of the tallest platform. Don't go up! then
forcefully jump off that platform onto the top of the scary ancient ruin. There
you will find the translation key. Grab it and go inside the scary ancient ruin.
There maneuver your way to the temple entrance. Type in open using the translation
key and you are in. There make your way to the Temple treasure room where it will
tell you what the ingredients are to make the potion to calm the great booga shark.

Hint: you get the old bone inside the temple as well as the key ingredient to the
potion. The last ingredient you need to get is carbonated coconut milk which you
get in the Coconut cafe. Then bring all of those ingredients to the Medican man

Hint: which is on top of the Big coconut tree - and he will make the potion for
you and put it in a coconut for you. Bring this to the big cannon in Booga Bay
and shoot it out of the cannon so the shark will eat it.
Then the shark will eat it.

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