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How to complete spy island

Spy island
go to headquarters and speak to the man upstairs
(he is actually the evil villain)
he will give you a decoder.
Next go to the eye place and there is a room
upstairs that is locked.ask for an eye exam but do
the opposite of what he points to.
He will then unlock the room upstairs, so
go out and up the ladder and in.
He will give you a chamielian suit.
click items and you will were the suit.
go to the ware house on the deck.
speak to the man in the bin and he will give you an item.
next go to the warehouse and run ,
when there are gaurds you stop.
go up on to the roof and run left.
fall onto the second roof and stop wait for them to turn
and move a little bit until you get to the door.
go in.every time a dog passes STOP!there are 3 dogs.
once you reach the ground jump up onto the boxes and get on the shelfs. get in
the bit were the spy is and untie him he'll give you a laser pen.
the spy will knock out the guard and unlock the door.
next go to BAD Bistro on balding avenue (SPEAK TO THE SPYS)
and pass a memory test to become a chef.
go to items and put on the hat and ask the posh man if he wants anything.
he will give you a glass and now you cant exit so jump up on the left in the vent and
jump on the lights.go to tourpee terace.
look at the part saying

so read the first letter of each line downwords to spell
I forgot to say the decoder works by putting the two letters that it has
the first one on the big circle the second on the small circle so they are together.
you look for the letters in a word on big circle and look what it says on the little
circle and jott it down.anyway climb up the 4th building on tourpee terace
and releace the spy at the top with the laser pen.
he will give you a grappling bowtie.go back to balding avenue an use the bowtie to climb up the
grease monkey and up the windows. now click go up at the top and fire your bowtie straight
inline with your tummy and jump.
when the guard comes you need your suit on to be camouflage.
jump off the left side and fire your bowtie at an angle upwards.
return to the level you jumped off and run of and it will take you it will take you to the antenna.
go down the pipe. First find the spy and then go back down to were the pipe is and walk
the opposite way to the cherry bomb tree.nock a bomb of the cherry bomb tree and get it to
the spy as quick as you can! put it on bouncey flowers to get it to her
and roll it outside the cage.THEN RUN!once it blows up she will give you
some goggles so take off the suit and put on goggles so that you can
see go through tourpee terace and into B.A.D controll centre.
wait for the laser to stop and eventually when you
get to the door, remember that cup you got?
use the fingerprint to get through the the same with the lasers in there
and get to the part where you enter something in the green square thing.
you will get trapped but director d will get you out.
enter again and dr.d will laugh and exit.
follow him and then he will reveal all.
when the little robots come jump into the yellow thing and let them electrocute you.
once all 4 are dissabled he will be in a big robo so doge and crash him into the wall 4 times.
Then go to headquarters and speak to everyone AND YOU HAVE COMPLETTED IT

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