Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Poptropica Super power island - Super copy cat is captured

1. Go to the comic shoppe and talk 2 ned.
2. Ask if he has anything other than comic books and he will give U A notebook that he wrote.
3. Read the note book and go 2 the super hero clothes shoppe.
4. Get a suit and talk to the man to get a super hero id card.
5. go to the jail [go past the water] and talk to the second man you see and he will give you the
villans profile reports. to the girl and get the handcufs.
7. Go to the bank to catch copy cat.
8. Go on the lamps and then on the other places that her clones are.
9. prees the up button on the wall and go in the elivater.
10. Get all the clones and jump on the desk, click on the original copy cat and you beat her.
11. You will end up at the jail.

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