Sabtu, 13 November 2010

How to get the secret tablet of the gods

to get this is really hard but worht it first beat all the islands then go to nabooti and
go to the planefly to moon falls and find the seceret cave (all the the way to the right
behind a rock) find the old man talk to him hell give u a piece to ur time watch go to that
time (it is 100 years in the future) go talk to ur son who is about 30-40 hell give u a
misson to stop robot's that have gone crazy stop them by finding the swithch (its in ur
house all the way to the left the big green one)when u turn it off go to him hell give u
one more peice to ur time watch go to that time(10,000 years back ) ull be at a desert with
a floating blue god on a cloud talk to him and walla u now have a stone of the gods go back
to time tangled and put it on and watch what happens (hint u have superpowers and a hole
lot of other things u will enjoy).

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