Sabtu, 13 November 2010

How to get the viking costume

-Go to Time Tangled Island.
-Go to the lab.
-Activate the machine.
(go down then walk straight right.)
-Go into the future.
-Talk to yourself.
-Get the DEVICE from you.
-Go to the place where the guy was looking for his model.
(dont go Exactly to his shop.)
-Jump until you go to that Statue of Liberty's head.
-Jump up again until you meet Mr.Eiffel.
-Jump off.
-You will go on a ledge.
-Go on the 2nd ledge and you find Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook.
(Leonardo Da Vinci is my 3rd favourite artist.)
-Go to Leo's place.
-Give him his notebook back.
-He will give you his GLIDER.
-Go to the viking place.
-Climb on the big stone where the cave is. (The longest stone.)
-Wear your GLIDER.
-Fly till you reach the tall boulder that you couldn't reach before.
-Get the viking suit and wear it if you want.

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