Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Secret Weapons

when just starting your poptropica adventure, go to nabooti the find the invisible mushroom in
the diamond mines(even if it's not part of the adventure)on part 1. take it. then go to big nate
and find the googles thingy with white lens in the school. go to time tangled island and go to
the china times. put your googles and go near the chinese making cement. instead of saying some
other thing, he would give you a sacret tree made out of gold. go back to nabooti and click use
on the golden tree near the chose your own adventure store then a time flower will appear. take
it. then use the time flower to travel the beginig of france. go to the top store on main street
and enter. you'll see a sick kid and its parents. click on the parent. he will give you a card
that says you are on a mission that you try to find the snow globe of mushroom. use your time
flower and go to the acient egypt and find the bouquet of maigical leaves. talk to the king and
queen and they'll give you a piece of the globe. in all you'll need 5 of them. go to early
poptropica and talk to one of the early settler. he will give you another pieces of the globe if
you show him the magical bouquet. then go to sry island and talk to the officer in the headquater.
show him your card and he will give you another piece and a unmelteble snowball. then go to 24
carrot click on the mayor and he will give you another piece. then travel with time flower to the
time when the canada explorers reached canada. talk to the capitan and he will say that he found a
pieces of a snow globe but can only give it to you if you win a game of tic tac toe. after you win
asemble the 5 pieces and give it to parent in france with the snowball and mushroon. finally, he
will give you a island medal of any island which I chose the spy island!

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