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Nabboti cheats

First, you go to the musuem and ask a lady below the main lever. Then you'll see the nabboti temple.
She'll give you a Africa map to your quest.Go to the very left and you'll see a pilot.Fly to the
blue niles falls.Hop to the very top and take the egyptiens flower. Go to the other side, and you'll
see a lady. Ask her if you can hepl her. To solve the puzzle, first take the chicken to the other
side, the the feed too. After, bring the chicken back and take the fox to the other side, the rest
you'll know it!She will tell you a secret passage. Do as what it tells you(go inside the cave).
Grab the purple jewel.Next, go to the kaya forest, take the gold nugget and trade to to dude at
main street(nabboti). He'll give you a camera.Then go to mountains of the moons, jumps away from
goats and falling boulders.Find a fig then catch it! Go to the very top where the glaciers are.
You'll see a man taht only let you pass until you win some kind of a game. Try, try and try until
you beat him. Go to the very bottom and you'll find a cell phone. Go back up then find the red jewel.
Next go to main street and trade your flower with a lady to get a desert turban. Go to Giza. Click
on a dude and he'll give you a shovel with a phone nomber on. Dial the nomber on your phone. Vince
will try to find his cell phone and you click in his bag and find a moonstone. Put the moonstone on
top of the Shinks. The door will open and go inside. You'll will see some rectangles on the walls.
Solve the puzzle to put them all staight. Jump on the real rectangles. At the top, you'll see some
blocks. Arrange them, then a wall will open. Go in a see some calved images in huge blocks. Jumps
on them until you get it all right.Next you'll see 2 sattues and some carved animals. Pull the levels
to make the animals to fall on order(1234). Them see the blue jewel. Get out of their.Go to kaya
forset and fed the tortois whith your fig. Use your shovel and dig where th turtoise slept on.
You'll find a ebony elephant and 2 ghost. Go to main street and trade !
your elephant whith another lady. She'll give a talisman. Go back to kaya forest and give the gost
the talisman. They'll you the green jewels. Next go to the mines. Turn off the electricity and run
up to the next level. Jump! Jump again but to keep away explosion wagons. Go down the tunnels. Turn
off the electricity and use the explosion box to blow up the rock and the passage. Go to many obticles.
And then use the magnefenglass to find the white jewel which has a special markings. Take it and
return to the mesium which on main street. Place the jewels in order(purple, green, red, white and blue)
and the temple will fly in outer space!
Then you have it, the island medaillon.

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