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Random awesome stuff to do on Poptropica

if you want an awesome outfit you can go to nabooti island and get the cell phone, which in addition
to calling vince graves can also be used to call 911 which puts you in a policeman's outfit. also
555-5555 gets you an outfit but I forget which one.
if you don't really want to give your hotdog to Ned Noodlehead that's ok because after you get the
medal you can go back to the hotdog man and he will give you another one.
in the poptropica subway there is mirror writing on the windows but I never bothered to figure out
what they said.
you can ring the bell on Ned Noodlehead's desk and he will get incresingly more annoyed with you until
finally he states that he needs to get rid of the bell and shuts up.
if you are a boy or a girl on superpower island you get sent to different bathrooms. in the girls
there is graffitti that says I love Ponys in the boys it just tells you to wash your hands.
you can costumize yourself to look exactly like one of the super power island criminals, although
I don't know why you'd want to.
if your poptropica character is too hot you can put him/her (this is more appropriate on girls) in
a strapless shirt that shows his/her middriff by costumizing it from that native picking cactus figs.
it looks like a normal shirt on her because she wears a necklace over it but you haven't got to take
the necklace. you can also get it from the boy who wants to move things across the waterfall only
after you help him he is gone.
on time tangeled island you can get on top of the guard tower on the chinese wall (way, way up on
the left-hand side, that ledge that you can see but not jump to) by standing as close to it as you
can wearing the glider, then using the time travel device to go anywhere and while it is still
loading quickly click refresh and a message will ask you if you want to restart the website. tell
it no and your character will floar down from the sky and land way high on the ledge. note, this
might not work on all computers, it works on mine and the library's but not my best friend's, so
don't be surprised if it's a bust.
on super power island you can go to that area by the bank and push those gargoyls off the roof of
the apartment building. if you aim one of them just right it will fall onto the umbrella of the
pretzel guy and take an impressive bounce before shattering on the ground.
to help you escape from Director D's nasty little electric robots you can use your grappling bow
tie, but the suit and glasses don't do squat. also a good way to make him smash his ship in a hurry
is to grapple onto the ceiling and while you swing back and forth he will fly up and hit you. this
is easier than jumping onto his hover type thing. also for getting into his headquarters instead
of running through all those lasers the way they want you to you can just wait for the lasers to
move and then grapple straight up. it's a pretty good shortcut.
on early poptropica if you climb up the vine into the clouds you can fall back down the hole
without climbing down the vine if you line it up just so, but it takes a really long time to get
it right so it might not be worth it to some of you.
when you're climbing up the glacier to play mancala with that man you can get a little help from
this goat on one of those grassy ledges and then you don't have to cross a lot of the ice, but if
you don't aim right you end up flying in all different directions and might end up back at the
if you go to early poptropica and get that bathing suit from the boy with the glowstick and then
you go and dye yourself blue it almost looks like you're...need I say more?
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Poptropica Super power island - Super copy cat is captured

1. Go to the comic shoppe and talk 2 ned.
2. Ask if he has anything other than comic books and he will give U A notebook that he wrote.
3. Read the note book and go 2 the super hero clothes shoppe.
4. Get a suit and talk to the man to get a super hero id card.
5. go to the jail [go past the water] and talk to the second man you see and he will give you the
villans profile reports. to the girl and get the handcufs.
7. Go to the bank to catch copy cat.
8. Go on the lamps and then on the other places that her clones are.
9. prees the up button on the wall and go in the elivater.
10. Get all the clones and jump on the desk, click on the original copy cat and you beat her.
11. You will end up at the jail.
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How 2 get the stink bomb!! And how to use it

OK, first go to the school in Big Nate, and go 2 the science lab. Click on the chemisrty set.
It should look like a bunch of test tubes. Turn the dial to 3 and ONLY click on the blue and
yellow test tubes.Now you have the stinck bomb!! Ok now when you have the gum chew it in the hall.
Some mean teacher will tell you to go 2 detention. This is when you use the stink bomb. Click on
items and click on stick bomb it will go off then the teacher will leave the room. NOTE: When you
mix the stink bomb it does not matter how much of each color you mix. I just put a really small
amount of blue and the rest yellow, but it DOES NOT MATTER!
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to get a completely new person all you have to do is press...
HAIR COLOR) Shift+Ctrl+H
SKIN COLOR) Shift+Ctrl+S
WHOLE BODY) Shift+Ctrl+R

Also you can get special items by using these numbers on your nabooti island phone
1337) Nerd Outfit
911) Cop Suit
411) Brain in Glass Dome on Head

How to get the jetpack in early poptropica

Get the glowing stick and look for the golden egg. It's down the sewer thinggy in early poptropica.
Once u get the golden egg' give it to the giant on top of the building. First climb the vine to
the top, and give the egg to the giant he will let u pass and then keep going forward to the place
were the planes and rockets are.You'll see the jetpack on the table. HAVE FUN!
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How to get the girl out of the cage in the greenhouse

Find the cherry bomb tree and click on the big red thing and it will fall down. Push it
onto the flower things that grow on the ground. They will spring it up and up untill you
reach the top. push it in fron of the cage door and wait for it to explode. It will blow
open the bars on the cage and the person inside will give you x-ray gogles. They will help
you see invisible lasers.
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How to complete shark tooth

First when you fall out of the hot air balloon buy some coconut milk then go to the right until
you see the big trunk of the coconut tree climb up ( avoiding coconuts ) to the second board that
you see go right until you are about to fall off then run hard and jump really high off the end you
should land on a wall and keep looking on the wall for a piece of paper. Next go into a cave and
keep jumping down until your in the water. Keep swimming until you reach a big block in the water.
then climb over it but watch out for the bat ! then keep looking around until you see a weird looking
statue then click on it. on the piece of paper spell open with the symbals above the letter that it
means. Then follow the path then do the same go into the water then keep swimming until you reach the
big statue of the shark. then wait on the last log when you see the catipiller and its tail has just
gone from being in front of you jump to the top of the statue and jump onto the swinging thing above
you keep jumping left on those then keep walking and fall down each of the holes. Then go left to a
dead end with dino bones walk into those hopefully you will have collected a bone. Then walk right and
do it all again except this you climb up the statue from a different side. And also this time do not
fall down any drops instead of falling down wait for the sliding block to come be careful though you
have to be fast at jumping just let it take you to the other side then jump off. Keep going left and
you will come to a table with a bowl and green mush. collect the mush and exit the cave. Go right to
the achent ruins then right again to booga bay. and get a grass skirt. then climb up the coconut tree
all the way up to the top. and remember to put the grass skirt on and ask the guy at the top to mix all
your items up together . then take the coconut he gives you to booga bay and feed the shark. after
keep travling right save the kid and yo will get you medal.
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