Sabtu, 13 November 2010

How 2 get the stink bomb!! And how to use it

OK, first go to the school in Big Nate, and go 2 the science lab. Click on the chemisrty set.
It should look like a bunch of test tubes. Turn the dial to 3 and ONLY click on the blue and
yellow test tubes.Now you have the stinck bomb!! Ok now when you have the gum chew it in the hall.
Some mean teacher will tell you to go 2 detention. This is when you use the stink bomb. Click on
items and click on stick bomb it will go off then the teacher will leave the room. NOTE: When you
mix the stink bomb it does not matter how much of each color you mix. I just put a really small
amount of blue and the rest yellow, but it DOES NOT MATTER!

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