Sabtu, 13 November 2010

make a catapult in poptropica

Do you want to make a catapult in poptropica ? Follow these simple steps
1.Go to time tangled island
2.Jump on the windows and get to the lower wire (where some crows are sitting)
3.Be to the left of the wire
4.Now jump on the corner of the wire
5.When you bounce up twice duck while you are coming down
6.Land on the brown building
7.The wire should be stuck to the charecter's leg [if not repeat the above again]
8.Pull the wire to the edge of the ledge
9.Now jump in any direction [ but not to the right as you will end up bouncing on the upper wire ]
to catapult the charecter very high in that direction.
If you submit this hint in any other website ask me through my e-mail adress with all the details

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