Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Big Nate Island

Go to the school in to the scince room. Make a stink bomb. You have to keep getting comics strips,
then arange the comics so there is a code nine three zero five. Go give it to the man in the art
shop he will give you gum, go to school and blow a bubble. The teacher will catch you and put you
into detetion. Put the stink bome on the floor then the teacher will leave go to the file cabnit
and click on it. Go down the latter push on the power grab the bell clapper and . At the light house
there is a pic flowing in the air jump on it once you have it go back to the camera store.
You change it for the suaba gear, you go back to the light house, you ask the caption to go down to
the bottom of the lake you bring it back up. Then you give it to him the trap, he will give you keys
for the jetskis and a lobster. When you get on the jetski Nate will want to race you. You have to
jump over things by presing your mouse. Once you reach the rock you have to move the seals tt one
end of the rock. Grab the map and go back to Big Nate Island. Climb the latter on the light house
go to the light on the top, use the lobster to move the light. The sea gull will get scared off the
school. Run to the school and go put the bell clapper in the bell. The girs will go back to school
go to the playground and put a cracker. Where the girls were standing and then you will have to dig
out the time box. Then you will get an award.

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