Sabtu, 13 November 2010

How to get the map to the time capsule

go on a stair step on the light house jump and try to catch the picture when you have it go to say
cheeze and trade the picture with the scuba gear put it on and go dive go all a way down and get
the lobster trap (keep trying till you get it) give it to the old man and he will give you keys to
his boat then go up the light house and look though the telescope look around with the telescope
and then you will see the map get down from the light house and get in the water and click on ride
big nate will come and race you (the trick to beat him is put your mouse way to the right intil
the race is over) then you will be on the island move the two seals on the rock to the left and
click on the map then you will have it

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