Sabtu, 13 November 2010

How to get the Lobster cage And how to get the old photo

To get the lobster cage you have to go under the water with the scuba gear. Now how you
get the scuba gear is another cheat I am going to tell you. To get the SCUBA GEAR you
have to talk to the man at the big camara place. He will tell you that if you want to
have his SCUBA GEAR he will tell you you can have it if you give him an old photo of
the dock. Well he won't tell you that in black in white. But the photo is by the dock.
you go 2 jumps up on the light tower ladder and you will se it fly around. Get in the
ready position. And JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should have it unless u wrer not paying attention.
Now give the old photo to the camara man and he will give you his GEAR. go to the dock
again and put your gear on and jump in the water. It will ask you if you want to godown
say yes. Go acrass for a while then go down you will see a rope follow the rope and there
is the basket. Grab the basket and go up. give it to the Sailor he will give you the lobster.
There you go and have fun!

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