Sabtu, 13 November 2010

The golden egg

You need to go to early poptropica. Go three housees away and next to the pigpen. Go
one more step there should be like a wishing well.Go down when you get there is a
glowstick on the right side.Then go back up.You then go maIN STREET. Go arcoss to
poptropica towers. Then see a sower hole then you go down.YOU NOW GO TO ARCOSS then
down arcoss down acoss down acoss to a pole thing then you got the egg. For short cuts
down acoss down acoss. then go right but wacth for the spider. then go all the way up.
Go TO poptropica towers. Then keep jumping on top of the roofs. then go up to gaint and
give him the egg.then u can go acoss fou times.then will find a water buket. then keep
gowning acoss. then u find jet pack. then go back.then go to main street. then fly up
too its says poptropica the get the flag. Then go undergound sowers.keep on gowing down,
you will see the pig then atfter go up. Then go to early poptropica GO TO PIG PEN AND
GIVE HIM THE PIG. then go give the guy the water buket. then go to flag guy give him
the flag the go across there will be a boat you will geta the medal.

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