Sabtu, 13 November 2010

How do you beat Spy Island

First you go to the spy wear shop and ask to take the eye exam. Click on the letter
OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the one he points to. Then he will tell to to go upstairs and
tell you about his latest invention the camouflage suit that makes you camouflaged
when you are not moving. The go to the door on the roof at the docks. At the bottom
the spy will be trapped. Climb up and fall into the room he is trapped in. He will
give you some information and a laser pen. Now go to the top of the building at the
area before the lasers. Watch out for the shocks of the light. At the top use the
laser pen and melt the bars. Be careful of the dogs they will bite you.
At the bottom the spy will be tied up. Then You will get the grappling bow tie from
him. use it to swing to the next building at the building go to the green house. Go
all the way to the right and there will be a cheery bomb tree. Push the bomb onto
the flower it will bounce then push it off the ledge and it will bounce higher. Then
jump onto the place where the bomb is and push it to the cage and wait for it to
explode. She will give you laser glasses. Put them on and go to the toupee. At the
control center you will get trapped in a cage. Dr. D will let you out. Enter the
password laser the push enter. then enter the password hair and push enter. Then
enter the pass word removal. Then mini bots will attack you in the portal run to
the yellow balls on all the corners of the room and have the robots blow up. The
when you have destroyed all the balls get as close to the celling as you can.
HE will run into it and be destroyed. You will win and island medalion and will
beat spy island.

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