Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Super Power island Walk

-Go to the Comic Shop and ask Ned Noodlehead is he sells anything besides comics
-He'll give you a somewhat helpful book
-Go to the costume shop and get yourself a costume (if you want)
-Then ask the guy on the left for an ID card
-Go over the police red tape (swim) and get stuff you need from the scientist
and the policeman
-To defeat Copy Cat, just destroy all her clones AND her my jumping on them all
before the smoke bomb makes you start to cough.
-Then click on her
-To defeat the guy on the train, just make sure he doesn't make contact with you
buy jumping up every time he tries to crash into you.
-Then click on him
-To defeat the guy in the Junkyard, just climb up onto the crane thing and click
on the switch. Then pull the lever down. He'll get squished for a few seconds,
then he'll start throwing stuff at you and knock you off the crane. Get back on the
crane, then pull the lever in the other direction, and he'll get crushed
-Then click on him
-To defeat the guy in the park with mind powers, jump up and click him so he gets
annoyed, then push a rock close by him and stand next to it. If you place it right,
he'll try to lift the ground underneath you up, including the rock, which should
then hit him and knock him over
-Then click on him
-To defeat the Rat guy (in the toilets, men's for male players and lady's for female
players), go down the sewer and play with the water controls until you can get up
to the exit. Exit, then get to another control thing by avoiding evil rats.
(They'll knock you over if you touch them). Once you've clicked on the control wheel,
a swarm of bees will chase you so jump up onto the pipes quickly and click on the
guy before the bees knock you over
-Now you've defeated 5 villains. Go to the telephone: it's ringing. Click on it, and
you'll be able to fly. Now you can defeat Betty Jetty. Just follow her in the sky
and avoid ALL the green things she flings at you until she falls down. Then Ned
Noodlehead will step in and accidently save the day by bumping into her
-Click on her
-Ned is now the town hero. If you want the medal that is rightfully yours, just get
a hotdog from the stand and go to the Comic Shop. Trade it with "Hot Dog Boy" (Ned)
to get your medal.

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