Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Time twisted Island

Peace Medal: it is on the bottom of Lenardo ( hint try visiting every age until
you get to lenardo workshop this way sign) place. i cant really discribe it.
After you get to the top platform, jump to the right platfor and it will be

Gold Vase: Get explosive's barrel under Great wall of china under guy who plays
memory. then go to vikings and go to the cave. blow the rocks up. Then get inside
and go right as fast and doge water. your torch will go down.
Hint: dont go down once you get in. get right and then jump to above rock platform.

Notebook: go to statue of liberty and get on top of the statue. then jump as high
as you can heading left and if you get to the highest platform then you have to
go down. a notepbook will be there.

Piece of sun: its on the top of Edison's workshop.

Amulet: talk to the man on the platform in china and he'll let you play a game.
If you win he'll give you the amulet.

Climbing goggles: find the old man warrior at the Aztec empire and he'll give a
mask to you. put it on, then go to the Aztec wearing the goggles.
He'll give them to you.

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