Sabtu, 13 November 2010

How to find the missing spys

first go to spyglass eyewear and click the e that points in the opposite direction. once
you get the suit upstairs go to the docks and keep jumping on ledges until you get to the
roof with the ninjas. get past them, then dodge the dogs inside along with the door guard
then go to the big safe and jump on it then go inside and untie the spy. then go to balding
ave., then toupee terrance and jump on the house that electricutes you. it's easy once u get
the hang of it. thenonce ur on the roof use ur laser pen to burn through the bars and untie
the spy. then go to the bad bistro and pass the test for a chef then talk to the big b.a.d.
boss and get his cup then go into the kitchen and up the vent on the roof then jump on the
lamps then get outside. go over to the building where the spy says u need more then srong
legs to make the jump use ur bowtie and go to the rooftop. dodge the guard and make it to
the antennae and use ur bowtie to get to the other antennae and enter. go to the cherry bomb
tree activate it push it to the pansies ans it will rise up to the next platform. keep doing
this until you get it to the spys cage put the bomb uder the lock and let it explode. After
you get the spy put on the vision goggles then to the bad control center in toupee terrace
and get past the lasers until you get to the door then scan the fingerprint and enter and
dodge the lasers again. once u get 2 the system type in "laser" press enter "hair" press
enter "removal" press enter. you will teleport with director D then when those mini bots
come out to attack you go to those platforms with the ball then let it electricute u. there
are 2 platforms at bottom and 2 at the top. once you defeat the minibots D will attack u
when he comes down get under the vehicle then jump on his roof and dont move until it
crashes. Repeat this process until it breaks and then you beat the game of spy island.

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