Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Shark Tooth Island

1.first you talk to the guy outside the coconut cafe
2.he will give you a carbonated drink, keep it go to the ancient ruin go to the right and you will see a big rock push it next to the
big tree.
4.jump on it and climb up the vine
5.get off the vine after you climb up and jump up onto the next wooden platform
6.go to the end of it and jump as far left as you can to get on to the roof of the big shark
temple thing
7.on the roof there is and paper, get it
8.after you have go it go into the temple
9.climb down and get all the way down to the water keep going as far left as you can avoid the bats. when you get all the way left there
is a stome wall now go up
11.once you go all the way up on the wall there is this face thing click on it will show it to you colse up now this is where you need the paper because it will show
it to you and you need to press the buttons on the teeth to spell open (you need the paper on
the roof of the temple to do this)
13.after you have pressed open click on its nose the door will open
14.go left
15.go all the way left and you will see a golden shark statuee
16.jump onto the statue and jump off onto the other side and go all the way left there is a
little "tunnel" type thing go all the way left and get the bone go back to the golden shark statue careful because there is a worm that can make you fall off get to the top of it before
the worm and jump onto the moving platform
19.jump onto the other platforms that are on the left and keep going
20.stop when you get to a part where you can see sharp teethy things on the side
21.jump onto the moving platform when it comes to you
22.then get off on the other side
23.go left go all the way down
25.then go all the way to the left will see a pot filled with green stuff get it and then climb up the vine and go up will be at the very begging part of the island now go past the ancient ruins and go to
booga bay to the guy next to the grass skirt stand and get a grass skirt
29.go back to the ancient ruins and go up the big tree( move the rock and climb up the vine
keep going up all thw way till you are all the way at the top next to the medicine man to him 9 he will only talk to you if you were the grass skirt) he will make you a
potion to make booga the shark fall asleep
31.go back to booga bay and swim to the little island
32.on the island there is a cannon click on that and shoot it ( it will shoot out the cocnut
and booga will fall asleep go to the right side of the island and keep swimming to th right to the old guy. he and this other boy will start following you when they do swimm
back to booga bay
35. when you pass the lady crying you will get a medal

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