Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Nabooti Island

Message : first u go 2 the museam and talk to the girl by the nabooti statu say you will help
she will give you a map then go outside go to the airplane and hit fly.go to montains of the
moon and talk to the laddie go to the clif get the fruit then go to the top of the montain beat
the guy at the game he will let you in get the gem then go to the bottom of the cave get the cell
phone. then go fly again but go to blue nile get the flower from up to nabooti and tade
the flower for a desert to giza get the shovle then fly to kaya forest use the cactus
fig move the turttlego were he was layin g dig with your shovle egt the elaphent trade it at nabooti
and get the flingo go back there and give the spirets the flingo they will give you agem then go on
top of the closest to the right then you will see get it trade it at nabooti for a camera fly to
safarri take 7 pics of animals he will give you a hat then fly to dimond mines turn the switch go
to the fence at the top hit enter were it was broke climb to were the carts are coming down then
enter turn it off by pressing the green button move the barrol 2 the 1 alone rock then hit the green
botton do the same thing again but move the barrol to the endthen go for the cart ride when you go
up duck when you see a sing jump then when you did that find the white gem with the simbol on it take
it.then fly to theblue nile help the girl bring the chicken 1st then the fox bring back the chicken
live the chicken bring the feed go back and get the chicken go to the rock with the fern on it click
the fern then enter the hole get the gem then go to giza dile 5556789 go to the bag get the pearl
put it on the top of the thing enter the door go to the block off click the bars make them flat then
cross go up arange the squares thengo threw the tunnle you opened then run to the block withe man
then jump to the 1 with the boat then 2 the bird then 2 the eye climb the rope then pull the
animalwith 1 hole then with2 then with 3 then with 4 get the gem fly 2 naboot!
i go in the museam go to the girl orginize them going down it is purrple green red white blue
then get hte meddal.

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