Sabtu, 13 November 2010

How to finish 24 Carrot

First you go to Charlie's Supplies place and find her cat.To find her cat go to the old
farm and you see the house.Go to the top until you see a chimney.Go into the chimney. You
see a bowl,get it.Go to the King Carrot place.Talk to the women and ask her if she can
fill up your bowl with milk.Go back to the house.Go to the washroom there ( its on
top),fill the bath tub with water.The cat will jump off.Go down back to the living room
and just click the same place where you got the bowl .( I would do that before I go to te
washroom to be prepared.)Go back to charlie and tell her you found her cat. she will give
you that metally thing.go to the factory and go up from machine to machine until you get
to that baige wall.go down until your in the greenish goo.climb up to this machine
thingand click a little edge of will open up the vent thing.go until u see this
wird thing. you find a transporter.go up on thelittle edgethen,bigedge.Now, wait a few
seconds.those things that close up and open up just remember this 1,2-1,2-1,2.....the 1st
2 ones are easy but the 3rd one is a little bit hard.try,try again.when your done this prt
the you will see a rat. wait until it goes far from you and go until you see an edge.jump
on it. and when the rat goes to the right,jump off. go until you see a place that leads
you up.go ther.when your there, go find this machine with 3 has to all
light.for the 1st swich,put it in the middle (i think).for the second swich ,put it
down.for the 3rd swich ,put it middle too.then it wont be dark,it will be light.and this
machine will go from left to go on that machine,go from box to box,tjen you go up
on the machine, it will take you to the vents.go mostly evverywhere on the vents until you
find o the freezer room and you find this it and cut all the
wires.( it dosent have to be perfect)go back in the vents and go to the mail find
crates and remember this technique. it always counts by 2's.go down and you find this girl
wearing a weird hat and looks dizzy.tell her the last thing. she says where?( do that to
all people who look like that)and the the hat will show click that circle button. she will
show you some thing that will print out.get is a pasword for the says
fuzzybunny.go to the processing find 2 people that are dizzy and wearing a weird
hat too. say the last ting.they say where? and click the button on their hat. go down to
the far corner. below you is a trap will go a little bit down to the middle.
You se rabbot ears.wear it.go back up and go to dr.hare's place climb up from machine
edge to machine edgeyou find this dizzyguy say the 3rd thing and he says where?and the hat
will the circle the computer. type fuzzybunny. for the command
type launch rabbot.(no periods for passwords orcommand.) then you can control the large
bunny.when you see a moon make the large bunny crash on it and do it alot of times until
it destroyes.the guy says you did it and letsget out of here. use your transporter to go
back to 24 carrot talk to the mayor and he gives you the medal.

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