Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Early Poptropica

Firstly go to early poptropica and go down the well. You will meet a man, and he'll tell
you the direction for the glow stick. Then go to poptropica towers, and go down the hole.
Find the egg. go lower until u r on the lowest floor, and go to the right. u will b in
another place. jump on the platform that moves and get the pig. Get to the top of the
place and get out. Go back to popoptropica towers and go on top on the cafe tower and
follow the vine. u r in a place with clouds. Click on the giant. Give him the egg and
he will lift his club so u can go. jump on every obsticle and get the jetpack. get the
bucket and go back to main street. get the signal flag on the thing near the arcade. go
to early poptropica and give the guy near the well the bucket. give the guy near the gate
his pig and the flag goes to the man near the thing without the flag. then u won early

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