Sabtu, 13 November 2010

The 3nd Spy in Spy Island Quest

Get out and go back to Balding Avenue. Now go as high as you can using the grappling
bowtie. (To use the grappling bowtie just click on the bowtie on the bottom left and
click which way you want to go.) Go up to the rooftops. Use your grappling bowtie to
try to grab another platform. Be careful, there’s a B.A.D. guard there. Now use your
grappling bowtie to try to grab another platform or antenna at the top left. Talk to
the guy there. Now aim your bowtie to the far right and try to grab another antenna.
When you swing over there and are directly above the building click again (at the top
of the screen) so that they let go of the rope. Otherwise they will swing back. Then
enter the tube thing. You are now in a greenhouse. It is recommended that you take off
your Bowtie, because wearing it will make this part more difficult. Go to the far right
and you will see a cherry bomb tree. Click on the cherry bomb and move the cherry bomb
left. Now push it to the flower thing on the ground and it will bounce it to a higher
floor. Get on that floor and push it to the left till it falls on the lower platform.
Push it onto the other bouncy flower thing and it will go to a higher platform. Go to
that platform, (Watch out for the flytraps. It will throw you off!) and finally it to
the cage with the spy agent girl trapped in inside. Now push the cherry bomb in front
of the cage and wait until it blows up. When it does, the cage door breaks and the girl
is free. The spy will give you a pair of Ultra-Vision Goggles and the last satellite

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