Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Super Power Island

First go to the prison and ask the scientist and ask her do the prisoners have super powers
and you will get a pair of hand cufs.Then ask the warden do you have eny thing for me?He will
give you their profiles then go downtown and go in the bank.The first villan is there.Defeet
her.Then go back to down town and go in the sub staision.Go in the train and when he atacts
you jump intil he slips.Then go to the city park.Then click on him.The rock will hit him.The
ground will fling up put the rock next to the statue and let it hit him.Then cuf him.Then go
to the junkyard and there is a big magnet above it turn it off.A frige will fall on him then
go to it again.Watch out for the cans!Then turn it on.And you have defeted him.Then go to the
bathrooms(boys for boys ang girls for girls).Then twist knobs intil you see a door(enter it).
Then you will see ratman.Go to the topright of the room and turn the knob.Then bees will chase
you.Cuf him quick.Then go to the telephone and you will fly.Go to the sky scraper and fly to
Betty Jetty.Follow her and she will throw orbs at you and dodge them.You will get closer and
closer intil she falls.Then Ned Noddlehead will bump in to her and now he is town hero.Get a
hotdog from the park then go to the comic shop and trade for the medal.Now you have beat the

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